The 5th of July

I love the 4th of July.  It is a day that most Americans can put aside politics and differences of opinion and just rejoice in the greatness that is America.  What no one talks much about what happened on the 5th of July.  Could you imagine if the founders of this great land just said, “OK, we’re good here,” and walked away?

The point as it relates to business, the job hunt, and life in general, is what you do the day after is just as important as what you did the day before.  Keep moving, keep working, keep striving for your goals.  The job hunt is tough.  You are going to get kicked around.  Recruiters are going to break their promise to call you back.  Hiring managers are going to tell you yes in person because they don’t have the guts to tell you no, and you will find out later it is a no when the HR person calls to clean up.  You will leave an interview and no you aced it, only to see some chump with less skills update their LinkedIn profile in the role you interviewed for.  You are going to hear no a hell of a lot more than you hear yes. Keep moving.  Keep fighting.  And keep believing.

The founders of this county got kicked around a lot too.  Think about the fight in George Washington as he sat in the freezing cold preparing to cross the Delaware River to DEFEAT Lord Cornwallis(Think the Patriot) at Trenton, NJ.  George Washington was celebrating his previous victories or wallowing in his previous defeats, he was focusing on the next day, which happened to be the turning point in the Revolutionary War.

Today you might hear no about the job of your dreams and yesterday you may have aced an interview and still lost out.  It may or may not matter.  You know what matters?  Tomorrow you have another day to get it done.  Tomorrow, you might have your chance to attack the British and win.  Our country was founded to give you the opportunity of tomorrow.  It is what you make of it.  Please, don’t waste the promise of tomorrow on what happened today.